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25 years cargo transport



25 years cargo transport




Our fleet of 130 Heavy Goods Vehicles is fully compliant with the highest industry ECO standards (Euro 6).

The strong partnership with DAF provides access to the company’s latest models and technology, which gives us a significant advantage-securing Eurospeed’s place as a trusted European hauler.


Our 250 professional employees possess extensive experience in the field of Transport and Logistics. For 25 years we are providing fast, secure and affordable transport services throughout Europe. Eurospeed Logistic Park, situated on a land of 24 000 sq. m. near Sofia, Bulgaria is the latest addition to our portfolio- providing complementary services to our existing transport routes.



Eurospeed is a privately owned Bulgarian transport company with limited responsibility, registered in 1994 in Sofia. International transport operations started in 1991 in the form of a transportation department within the largest Bulgarian wine exporter at that time, carrying containers from the interior of Bulgaria to the Port of Thessaloniki in Greece. In the late nineties direct deliveries by truck to The UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany started. Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007 and Eurospeed developed a market strategy which lead to an extended and focused presence ever since in the UK-Continental Europe transportation market.

Efficient transport solutions to benefit the customer

Optimization of transport processes

Just in time pick-up, storage, speedy carriage and trouble-free delivery of the shipments are offered.

We approach each stage of the transport operation with concentration and professionalism in every detail. Eurospeed team is experienced and perfectly prepared, operating with full coordination, using latest IT products. The result is successful transport solutions which benefit our customers.

Logistics & Multimodal

In 2004 Eurospeed moved into its own freight facility which has a total surface of 24 889 m2 . It is located at Petarch Rail Terminal – 15km West from Sofia Ring Road and allows for multimodal transport solutions. Parking and Goods Handling areas are 7000m2; Office, Warehouse, and Industrial spaces are 5000 m2.

Road Transport

Eurospeed has a high reputation and is among the most respected Bulgarian carriers. In 2017, there are 130 /one hundred thirty / articulated vehicles operating in international and domestic destinations. Service is for Full, Part and Groupage shipments.

International Relations

To provide best service we have established a network of partner companies in Western Europe as well as The Balkans performing with high quality – quickly and efficiently.

Future Development

Capitalising on the accumulated solid experience both internationally as well as domesctically and based on the developed corporate culture we constantly increase the quality of the services – rapidly and in new directions




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2017 Tons of goods transported

2017 Кilometers Driven

2017 Completed orders

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