The Company

How We Started
Eurospeed is a privately owned Bulgarian transport company with limited responsibility, registered in 1994. It started transport operations in 1991 as a transportation department within the largest Bulgarian wine exporter, carrying wine from the interior of the country to Port Of Thessaloniki.

For more tahn 20 years Eurospeed has been a preferred carrier of wine form Bulgaria to Western Europe delivering directly to the largest retailers warehouses such as TESCO, SAINSBURY’S, SOMERFIELD, WAITROSE, MORRISONS, etc. under most strict requirements.

Efficient Transport Solutions To Benefit The Customer
Optimizing Transport Cost
We organize speedy / just in time pick-up, storage, carriage and trouble-free delivery of the shipments, to improve efficiency of customers’ business.

We approach each stage of the transport operation with concentration and professionalism in every detail. Eurospeed team is experienced and perfectly prepared, operating with full coordination,  using latest communication technology. The result is successful transport solutions and cost savings for our customers. 

Logistics & Multimodal
In 2004 Eurospeed invested into its own Freight Terminal which has a total surface of 24 889 m2 . It is located at a railway station, where we apply multimodal transport solutions. Parking and Goods Handling areas are of some 7000m2; Office, Warehouse, and Industrial spaces are of some 5000m2. We further improved our efficiency through additional services on top of the transportation services and the volume of cargo we have been handing increased significantly. 

Road Transport
Eurospeed set the objective to provide highest quality service in the sector. Over the years the company attained a position within the most respected carriers and maintains its standards through steadily improving service and performance. 

For best service  and handling of the shipments and documents we have established a network of partner companies in Western Europe as well as The Balkans, thus performing  with high quality – quickly and efficiently.

Experience, Company Culture and Organization ensure further widening of number of services as well as increasing quality of customer satisfaction in quick tempo as proven over the years.